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Angry With God?

Chaplain Don Hinst, American Legion 15th Dist. FL

When negative things happen in our lives, we wonder if God really cares. Why doesn’t He intervene to protect good people? We are left to wonder how we can trust Him. The truth is God didn’t create evil. Our bad experiences are not personal attacks from God but rather the result of evil and unfairness in the world. God Loves You.

When a family loses a loved one, a typical response is, “It was God’s Will.” What a terrible thing to say! The idea that God wills bad things on His people is wrong. Nothing is more important to our Creator than for everyone to have as much happiness and fulfillment as possible. When bad things happen, God feels our pain, is very present, and works to bring out the best in bad situations. We must remember that God has a different purpose. His goal is not to comfort us in this world but instead look to our eternal welfare.

It is difficult to sense God’s presence in a crisis and work to bring good to a bad situation. Looking back, we can often see God’s hand at work.

I Remember 9/11’s horrible acts of terrorism. These acts were far from God’s will, yet they were horribly committed in God’s name. But, we find God in the love and charity that poured out of so many people in the United States and worldwide after that day. In the days following 9/11, extraordinary acts of love and kindness changed many of us forever.

God didn’t make these terrorist acts happen. He also never abandoned us.

There is an invisible and gentle current in our lives that can peacefully carry us to eternal life. It is always there, ready for when we are prepared to accept it by placing our trust in our Heavenly Father. We choose to believe this, accept it, and freely embrace it.

Keep the legacy alive of the veterans in your family history.

Chaplain Don Hinst
American Legion 15th Dist. FL


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