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The World Needs More A&P Technicians

viation maintenance is essential to ensure flight and passenger safety, maintain the peak performance of aircraft, and extend aircraft life. AMTs are the ones who perform inspections, maintenance, structural repairs, and alterations on various aviation components depending on their specialization area. Primary specialties include airframe, powerplant, and avionics. Regardless of the type of maintenance, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification is mandatory for aircraft mechanics, and these specialized technicians are in demand!

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Employment on the Wellness Spectrum

A great analogy is The Shawshank Redemption. The prisoners did not love being in prison, but they had a sense of camaraderie there. You knew your place in the military; your rank meant something. You have a uniform, and you know how to get things done. You become very comfortable in that, especially if you’ve been in for 10-plus years. To leave that all behind is hard.

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