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Passing the Torch

After serving in Vietnam, I worked at Edward’s Air Force Base. My friend and battle buddy, Doug, was living with us at the time. We decided one day to go to the local VFW. It was 1972 or 1973, as I recall. We walked into the building and sat down, and everyone there was looking […]

The Pipeline

Smitty and I move cautiously along the pipeline toward the laughing. The knee-deep water and muddy bottom make our movement laborious. We can see what appears to be two men not more than twenty-five feet ahead. One figure crawls over the large pipe delivering fuel to Phu Cat Air Base. The other is holding a rifle, an antiquated bolt action weapon that looks like a pre-World War II model.

Do Americans Suffer From Indifference?

We ask five veterans to reflect and share their thoughts on where we have been and where we are today as a nation. Meet Beau, Damon, Don, and Ken, five veterans, four people, your neighbors.

Veteran Homelessness: How Can We Help?

There isn’t one person, government, parent, or entity to blame for homelessness. Homelessness results from many misfortunes, sometimes only temporary, and sometimes a state that is difficult to escape. The reasons a veteran becomes homeless are not unlike the homeless population in general. Lack of employment, lack of affordable housing, inability to access resources, mental health issues, and substance abuse issues.

VA Loans

Home purchasing is one of the most significant investments a person can make in their lifetime. For many, it is a dream come true to own a home, but the process of buying one can be challenging. One option available to veterans and active-duty military personnel is the VA loan. This loan program offers many benefits that can make the home-buying process easier and more affordable.

The Power Of Nature

Some of us are guilty of going brainless in front of the TV with a tray full of snacks. The impact of these harmful habits is evident in Harvard University’s report on Adult Obesity Trends, where they claim two out of three U.S. adults are overweight or obese, totaling 69 percent of all Americans. The obesity rate in America continues to grow, especially among children, with more time spent indoors on computers and social media. The good news is, your local county parks offer incredible guided programs to help you get the most out of a healthy park visit.


Kim is the epitome of health; strong, focused, and driven. Kim had spent her life battling the same old diet routines and could not find success. She had earned a degree in hospital administration and worked alongside her husband, an endodontist canal specialist, helping him open and run his medical practices. In 2016, Kim was introduced to a program that would ultimately change her life, balance her health, and inspire her to open a gym to help others achieve the same success she had.

Self Care

Can you devote five minutes per day, every single day? Or, at least, most days of the week? The American Academy of Sports Medicine recommends at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise (with heart rate elevated). You can break that up into little chunks. Thirty minutes at a time may be daunting, so do five or ten minutes at a time instead. When you break it up, ten minutes, three times per day, isn’t so bad.


Through running clinics, Dr. Schumacher provides running analysis reports that help identify strengths and weaknesses in running performance. The results allow Dr. Schumacher to help clients with their running technique. Physique Physical Therapy owner Keith Pacific speaks of a recent systematic review of running literature that has debunked the theory that running causes injury.

Navigating Tampa Bay K-12 Education with a Military-Connected Child

Education in Florida has experienced significant changes in the past year. The 2023 Florida legislative session resulted in laws designed by lawmakers to expand educational choice and support schools by eliminating rules. There are also changes in teacher certification requirements. In short, parents can move students into charter, private, and home education using public funds if it best suits the child.