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Ben Bowman: For The Veteran

Ben Bowman is no stranger to the importance of disability benefits. He learned in the most personal way, with three of his four immediate family members permanently disabled. His older brother had leukemia as a child, his older sister had a brain tumor as a teenager, and his dad was a disabled veteran. Ben filled […]

Ways to Kill a Man

The men of the A-Team sit around the makeshift classroom/supply room. Half of us had our heads on the tables when the door swung open, and Billings and a green beret soldier walked in. He speaks without any intro from Billings, “Gentlemen, my name is Staff Sergeant McMillian. I’m attached to the Army’s Fifth Special […]

The PACT Act

How You Likely Qualify Millions of Americans have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Estimates show that more than three million have served since September 11, 2001. Those who join must ultimately exit military service. More than 300,000 service members are currently processing out each year. That puts a huge strain on the system and […]

Lost in the Sauce – Benefits You May Have Missed

The Temporary Disability Rating Increase Did you know that if you are hospitalized for at least 21 days or are immobilized following surgery for at least one month due to a service-connected disability, you can apply for a temporary 100% disability rating? Even if you didn’t have surgery but had one or more major joints […]

Concurrent Care

It’s called the terrible choice. Medicare patients diagnosed with a life-limiting illness are faced with a difficult decision: either continue treating their disease or enter hospice care and shift focus to relieving pain and improving quality of life. They can’t have both. Military veterans with VA Healthcare benefits no longer have to make this terrible […]

The Veteran Woman

By KeishaMarie Douglas My entire life, I knew I was destined to get out of my hometown and see the world. Born and raised in Columbus, Georgia, there wasn’t much to do or see on the other side of the railroad tracks, but I knew I was destined for more. The military allowed me to […]

Your Veterans Services Officers: At Your Service

“As advocates for veterans, the Division’s team of state-accredited service officers know the extent, meaning, and application of the laws passed by the U.S. Congress and the Florida Legislature regarding veteran’s benefits. The team provides direct assistance when claims for benefits earned by military service need to be completed and submitted to the U.S. Department […]

The Benefit Black Hole

The application process for U.S. Government Benefits is not meant to be easy. In fact, the process has intentionally been made as difficult as possible on the slight chance applicants might give up their efforts to obtain these benefits. This approach doesn’t just apply to veteran benefits; it is about any assistance offered to American […]

It’s Up To Us

I came home from picking up my two-year-old daughter from daycare. It was Veterans Day. My neighbor approached me while I was getting out of the car. “Elaine, thank you for your service,” she said, thoughtfully. I remember looking at her like, “Huh? Oh, that’s right, I am a veteran.” I didn’t recognize myself as […]

ZAP your Back!

When your back hurts you will try anything, short of surgery, to get relief! As I mentioned last month, I have tried acupuncture, chiropractic, yoga, TENS, and of course many doctors’ go-to response of prescribing pills! Last night I was thinking about how doctors always ask you, “On a scale of 1-10, what is your […]