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Training to Kill the Enemy While Bonding

The missions between classes enable us to sharpen our skills further and reinforce our training. We’re hit by sniper fire, which always startles us. It’s frightening to be shot at by an enemy you can’t see. It’s weird not being protected by a classroom environment. We’ve been fortunate so far.

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Echoes From Vietnam

Willie Today, we lost one of our own. Willie was a friend we respected and loved. He may be gone in body, but he’ll remain with us in spirit. He was, still is, and will forever be one of us. We loved him as he loved life. His death will

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Remembering the Vietnam War

Big Shoes to Fill The American G.I. of the Vietnam era had big shoes to fill. They were the sons and daughters of the “Greatest Generation.” They had grown up in 1950s America, where gathering around the family radio for news, playing board games, riding bikes, and playing toy soldiers

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Battle Briefs and War Stories

I was just a kid from a small town in southern New Jersey. My uncle was a Rabbi in Pittsburgh. Before his retirement, he and I took a 30-day trip to the holy land, Israel, with members of his congregation. At the time, I had a full ride to Rutgers

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A Story of Fated Friendship

Hindsight is bewildering. The idea that you are headed in one direction only to be redirected into a life you could never have imagined is surreal. And now you have a life you wouldn’t trade now for the world. The United States came out with the draft lottery system in

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Stupid Here! The Flags of Honor Escorts Have Arrived

Every April, Flags of Honor Escorts and its founder, David “Stupid” McElroy, travel the state of Florida to visit Gold Star Families Memorial Monuments (GSFMM). Medal of Honor recipient and American hero Hershel “Woody” Williams inspired the monuments. Affectionately known as Woody, this World War II veteran made it his

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The Women of Vietnam

The Nurses Roughly 5000 nurses served in Vietnam. What they saw could never be imagined, even in the darkest nightmare. They were there, ready as the helicopters arrived with the torn and mangled. They would rush in the heat and gloom to fight for the lives of those broken around

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K9 Heroes

K9’s Veterans Day, March 13 Dogs have held crucial roles in American conflicts since the Civil War. Nearly 5000 K9s served in the Vietnam War, where their exceptional hearing and sense of smell helped to save a reported ten thousand U.S. Troops. Their effectiveness put a bounty on their heads.

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If It Wasn’t For Them: An Interview With Mark Van Trees

Introduction to Mark Van Trees: Seemingly everybody in the veteran charity or philanthropy space knows Mark Van Trees. If your work connects to military, veterans, or Gold Star families, chances are you’ve crossed paths. Despite knowing him for 11 years, I endeavored to learn more about Mark, his work with

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