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Not all of them are heroes. But they are, as we are, human beings with faults who make mistakes, and in the case of this story, people who must live the rest of their lives with a dreadful understanding. We will get to that…. Let’s begin in September 2009. Our

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K9 Heroes

K9’s Veterans Day, March 13 Dogs have held crucial roles in American conflicts since the Civil War. Nearly 5000 K9s served in the Vietnam War, where their exceptional hearing and sense of smell helped to save a reported ten thousand U.S. Troops. Their effectiveness put a bounty on their heads.

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The Women of Vietnam

The Nurses Roughly 5000 nurses served in Vietnam. What they saw could never be imagined, even in the darkest nightmare. They were there, ready as the helicopters arrived with the torn and mangled. They would rush in the heat and gloom to fight for the lives of those broken around

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A Story of Fated Friendship

Hindsight is bewildering. The idea that you are headed in one direction only to be redirected into a life you could never have imagined is surreal. And now you have a life you wouldn’t trade now for the world. The United States came out with the draft lottery system in

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Remembering the Vietnam War

Big Shoes to Fill The American G.I. of the Vietnam era had big shoes to fill. They were the sons and daughters of the “Greatest Generation.” They had grown up in 1950s America, where gathering around the family radio for news, playing board games, riding bikes, and playing toy soldiers

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The Benefit Black Hole

The application process for U.S. Government Benefits is not meant to be easy. In fact, the process has intentionally been made as difficult as possible on the slight chance applicants might give up their efforts to obtain these benefits. This approach doesn’t just apply to veteran benefits; it is about

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The 13 Folds of the American Flag

Everything about our Nation’s Flag has a meaning lest we forget. RED symbolizes hardiness and valor. WHITE symbolizes purity and innocence. BLUE represents vigilance, perseverance, and justice. 50 STARS represent our 50 states. 13 STRIPES represent the original 13 colonies. What may be most striking of all, because of what

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Under Cover of Night, A Story About Captain Jack

It’s hard to read Captain Jack. Something about him screams military, yet he’s not a veteran. But, somehow, somewhere, there’s a connection to the military. Something in his past caused that look in his eye, that manner, and that undying love of American troops. So, we ply him in with

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Remembering New York

New York City, September 2000 We had been planning this trip for some time. My mom and I would travel to New Jersey every two years or so to visit family, drive by our childhood homes and neighborhoods, and eat the most amazing food in the country. Call us biased,

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