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On The Move

Navigate transitions with ease for military families in Tampa Bay. Explore resources for school selection and support.

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The Power of Trust

Trust is such a critical force in the function of any team, a family team, a sports team, a work team, or any team. Recently, my team read a book by a retired Navy Aviator and Blue Angel, John Foley (call-sign “Gucci”), titled Fearless Success. I want to share a

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If It Wasn’t For Them: An Interview With Mark Van Trees

Introduction to Mark Van Trees: Seemingly everybody in the veteran charity or philanthropy space knows Mark Van Trees. If your work connects to military, veterans, or Gold Star families, chances are you’ve crossed paths. Despite knowing him for 11 years, I endeavored to learn more about Mark, his work with

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Stupid Here! The Flags of Honor Escorts Have Arrived

Every April, Flags of Honor Escorts and its founder, David “Stupid” McElroy, travel the state of Florida to visit Gold Star Families Memorial Monuments (GSFMM). Medal of Honor recipient and American hero Hershel “Woody” Williams inspired the monuments. Affectionately known as Woody, this World War II veteran made it his

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ZAP your Back!

When your back hurts you will try anything, short of surgery, to get relief! As I mentioned last month, I have tried acupuncture, chiropractic, yoga, TENS, and of course many doctors’ go-to response of prescribing pills! Last night I was thinking about how doctors always ask you, “On a scale

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Concurrent Care

It’s called the terrible choice. Medicare patients diagnosed with a life-limiting illness are faced with a difficult decision: either continue treating their disease or enter hospice care and shift focus to relieving pain and improving quality of life. They can’t have both. Military veterans with VA Healthcare benefits no longer

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Just Another Day

Written By Don Hinst Just another day, or so we thought. How quickly evil people changed our lives, nation, and the world. Confusion and disbelief brought us to our knees with emergency prayers. Stanley Praimnath was working on the 81st floor of the World Trade Center South Tower when he

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Life Without Limits

This non-profit recovery center is designed to provide state-of-the-art recovery treatment to SCI (Spinal Cord Injury) patients in the greater Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. The Center is open to both military and civilian SCI patients. Our proactive approach to rehabilitation, combined with real-time global collaboration with other SCI subject matter experts and patients, makes SIS (Stay in Step) a unique and unprecedented center offering SCI patients in the Tampa Bay and surrounding area a direct pathway to start their journey toward healing.

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Empath Health Serves and Celebrates Those Who Have Served Us

For decades, Empath Health and its affiliate healthcare organizations have delivered full life care to everyone with advanced or chronic illnesses in the Tampa Bay area. It became evident to Empath’s clinical experts early on, though, that military veterans’ experiences toward the end of life are different than what civilians go through.

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