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A Mother’s Mission

Tanya’s son, Marine Anthony Patrick Muhlstadt, took his own life. It happened one day in late November 2021 while he was stationed at Twentynine Palms in California. In a mom’s attempt to find understanding and comprehension, she turns to Anthony’s peers. “They all described Anthony as a Marine’s Marine; he

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Your Veterans Services Officers: At Your Service

“As advocates for veterans, the Division’s team of state-accredited service officers know the extent, meaning, and application of the laws passed by the U.S. Congress and the Florida Legislature regarding veteran’s benefits. The team provides direct assistance when claims for benefits earned by military service need to be completed and

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Ben Bowman: For The Veteran

Ben Bowman is no stranger to the importance of disability benefits. He learned in the most personal way, with three of his four immediate family members permanently disabled. His older brother had leukemia as a child, his older sister had a brain tumor as a teenager, and his dad was

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Carol West an Answered Prayer

Florida Department of Veterans Affairs advocates for the more than 1.5 million veterans in Florida. This is accomplished by dispatching Veterans Services Officers to every county in the State. Veterans Services Officers (VSOs) work to ensure veterans have access to the benefits they have earned. Since One-third of Florida Veterans

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Ingrained in Life, and Honored in Death

There is something in the blood of a military child. Growing up in a patriotic home enormously impacts a child’s world perception. For children of the Vietnam era, there is a protective pride for the grand ole’ flag. Vietnam veterans and their supporters didn’t have community support. Still, they had

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Insights on the Events Before and After 9/11

From a Special Operation Forces Veteran Brian Halstead began his military career in January of 1984, and throughout his 21 years of service, he witnessed first-hand the before and after effects of 9/11. Halstead, who retired as a CW3 in 2005, gained insight from intimate experience derived from foreign internal

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Finding Hope and Purpose

Modern healthcare is not personal anymore. It is big business concentrated on profitability. It’s heartbreaking because you would think that most people go into the healthcare field to help people and provide personal care, and it’s just not about that anymore.

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Finances & Capitalism

We feel like we have all the time in the world to consider retirement. As we age, the clock ticks a little faster. Can you actually run out of time to plan for retirement? No, but your options are much more significant, and your money’s growth is much vaster the younger you start. What does retirement look like in twenty or thirty years? Will Social Security still be available? If you have watched the national deficit grow to insurmountable levels, planning a life without Social Security seems safer.

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A Commander’s Thoughts on Afghanistan

The difference between then and now is the support for the troops. With Vietnam, you didn’t have that piece of it. I think everyone in the U.S. was upset with how Afghanistan went down. I don’t think it mattered if you were military or anti-military, Whereas, in Vietnam, many people didn’t support the troops. You couldn’t even wear your uniform in public without being harassed. So, very different in that regard.

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At Pride Strength Training in Tampa, Owner Kim Kasem has a way to touch these kids’ lives by offering them someone to talk to and a program to help them learn to live healthy and happy naturally. Removed are any references to “body fat”. Instead, Kim teaches them how to be healthy through food education and activity. Kim focuses on children around age ten and offers them education on mobility and strength. Kim’s programs focus on using their own body to build their body with examples and instruction.

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