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Veteran Voices

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It’s Up To Us

I came home from picking up my two-year-old daughter from daycare. It was Veterans Day. My neighbor approached me while I was getting out of the car. “Elaine, thank you for your service,” she said, thoughtfully. I remember looking at her like, “Huh? Oh, that’s right, I am a veteran.”

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How the Military Shaped Me

As a kid growing up on the streets of Baltimore City, Maryland, I found more opportunities for bad deeds than good. But I had my grandfather’s and father’s military service to look up to; they had both served in the Army during World War II. My father passed away in

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Female Veterans on Challenges, Ideas, and Appreciation

There are more than two centuries of history regarding the American Female in service to her country. It begins with Loretta Walsh, who, on March 21, 1917, became America’s first official enlisted woman in any service when she joined the Navy amid World War I. Even before Loretta Walsh, women

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Three Veterans Discuss Helpful Services

If you are looking for a place that honors, helps, and supports veterans, who better to ask than the veterans they have helped? We contacted local veterans and asked them to share a story, experience, or recommendation for an organization that has truly helped them.  Lex – Air Force Veteran

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Love Letter from Baghdad May 4, 2004

Good Morning Sweetheart! How are you today? I am missing you as always—wishing I was not over here in the middle of all this mess. Being away from you is getting harder each and every day. I am struggling with my emotions, my personal thoughts, and beliefs on why we

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Civilian vs Military Communities

Having all walked through that darkness and battled their demons, these five veterans help answer the question; as a nation, are we doing what it takes to stop veteran suicide? Meet Latora, LaHarold, Steve, Damon, and Rich, five veterans.

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