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Freedom to Walk Foundation

The Freedom to Walk Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to assisting patients and their families by providing financial assistance for the purchase of WalkAide® or Bioness devices for children and adults experiencing Foot Drop.

What is Foot Drop?

Foot Drop is a medical condition characterized by weakness or paralysis of the muscles involved in lifting the front part of the foot. Foot Drop is a gait abnormality that often occurs following a stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, or due to Multiple Sclerosis or Cerebral Palsy.

Foot Drop causes a person to either drag their foot and toes or engage in a high-stepping walk called “steppage gait.” A significant number of people—men, women, and children of all ages—experience difficulty with the simplest day-to-day activities because of Foot Drop.


WalkAide® is a revolutionary electronic device that alleviates the symptoms and complications of Foot Drops. When worn on the calf, the WalkAide® sends electric impulses to the affected foot, enabling the foot and leg to lift and follow through as they would with a natural, unimpaired gait. WalkAide® was designed to restore mobility to those individuals seeking a return to independence.


Bioness is an innovative medical technology company that focuses on designing and creating functional electrical stimulation (FES) devices, software-based therapies, and robotic systems, each aimed at improving the daily lives of individuals who are affected by various nervous systems and orthopedic disorders or injuries. The L300 Foot Drop System created by Bioness allows those with Foot Drop to regain a normal gait. The L300 Foot Drop System delivers low electrical pulses to help stimulate non-response muscle tissue in order to offer the patient a more regular gait and balance.

Our Purpose

For many individuals with Foot Drop, walking is a near impossibility—or is done with severe discomfort or complication. The Freedom to Walk Foundation uses donations provided by our community and supporters to help provide patients financial assistance to purchase either a WalkAide®, Bioness, or other Foot Droop FES medical device—which can cost thousands of dollars out of pocket.

These devices, although FDA-approved to help alleviate the symptoms of Foot Drop, are not covered (or are only partially covered) by many people’s medical insurance carriers. Paying for these devices out-of-pocket can place a great financial strain on patients affected by Foot Drop and their loved ones.

The Freedom to Walk Foundation helps these individuals cover the out-of-pocket expense for Foot Drop devices. This allows patients to regain the function of their foot and leg, regain independence, and take a step back into their regular life.

For more information about the Freedom to Walk Foundation, Foot Drop, WalkAide® or Bioness, or how to donate and take part in changing another person’s life, contact us at (813) 546-2329 or fill out the Contact Form.