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Embracing Retirement: Finding the Right Balance – Part I

Retirement is kind of like having this super energetic puppy jump into your life, bringing a ton of excitement and endless possibilities.

It’s a break from the boring old nine-to-five routine, where your to-do list goes from stressful to a fun lineup of stuff you actually want to do. Suddenly, you’ve got the freedom to dive into hobbies, do some volunteer work, take spontaneous trips, and catch up with loved ones you’ve missed during your working years.

As I started my own retirement journey, I found myself swapping the work stress and crazy deadlines for a whirlwind of activities that kept me happily busy. Whether I was fixing up stuff around the house, helping my wife with her never-ending list, enjoying time with family, or doing meaningful volunteer gigs, there was always something fulfilling to keep me occupied.

But in the midst of all this action, I realized something important was missing: time for myself.

I realized that taking care of myself isn’t selfish at all; it’s just as crucial as taking care of others. Just like flight attendants say to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others, focusing on self-care is key to being there for the people you care about.

So, I made a promise to myself to set aside some time every day for things that made me happy. Whether it was getting lost in a good book, getting creative with woodworking or graphics projects, or hitting the gym to push myself, these moments of self-care were essential for making my life better and helping me be there for others.

In retirement, it’s super important not to forget about making time for yourself. It’s not selfish at all; it’s actually the key to living your best life and spreading happiness to those around you.

By making self-care a priority, you’re not only looking out for yourself but also creating a positive vibe that spreads to everyone you interact with.

Written By: Richard Corson, Health, and Welfare Contributor, FireWatch Magazine

EDITOR’S NOTE: Watch for “Embracing Retirement: Finding the Right Balance” Part II in next month’s issue of FireWatch.


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