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Firearms in America

America’s Birthday is upon us and hands down, this is my favorite Holiday.

As we enter into our 248th year as a nation, I cannot think of a better topic than firearms.

First, it was a bunch of patriots that used guns to break ties with the British and establish what we now know as the Unites States of America.  Without guns, we would not have had the ability to fight back and defeat the government of England.

I do not say this to bad mouth our brothers over the pond, in fact I just came home from spending two weeks there. I say it instead to explain why firearms are still so important to our nation.

There are multiple analogies I have seen over the years that exemplify how important firearms are to our culture.  For instance, people say the main reason that no other nation dares to attack us at home is that there are more registered hunters in the United States than any other army in the world.

On top of that, not all of us are registered hunters!  The last statistics I saw said more than 52% of households in America own at least one firearm.  That number is only possible by phone surveys or checking the registrations in those states that mandate firearm registration.

Considering over half of our states do not require registration, there is no telling what the real number of household firearms there are.

And that is what makes this country great, the inability of our government to dictate what we can and cannot purchase or possess.

There are so many uses for firearms, and they are a cornerstone of our nation. Hunting, sport shooting, competition shooting, and of course self-defense, are just to name the more popular uses.

Hunting is one of the more popular sports in America and it requires practice, discipline, and patience.  As the price of food continues to skyrocket, hunting is a terrific way to feed the family and save money.

Sport shooting is another wonderful way to spend time with family and friends.  You can compete against others for the best shot, fastest shot, or fastest time through the course.

Competition shooting is for those that take sport shooting to another level and there are events around the country every weekend.

Finally, there is, of course, self-defense.  The harsh reality today is that crime is everywhere and even though we here at 2nd Amendment Armory love our boys in blue, the reality is that they cannot be everywhere at all times.  This means that in order to protect your family from those that wish to do you harm, you must take it upon yourself to defend your home.

So, as we celebrate another year of freedom, get out there and enjoy a freedom that we have that no other nation has the privilege of enjoying, the freedom to keep and bear arms!

Happy Independence Day America!

Written By: Chris “Ranger” Gay

EDITOR’S NOTE: Chris “Ranger” Gay is a U.S. Army veteran and the owner of 2nd Amendment Armory in Brandon, Florida.


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