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How FIREWatch Gives Back to Those Who Serve

Partnering With Advertisers

A full ten percent (10%) of the gross of every ad placed with FIREWatch Magazine goes directly to fund veteran service and non-profit organizations in the local community where the magazine is distributed. FIREWatch Magazine publishes and mails each monthly issue FREE to 10,000 veteran homes in each distribution zone on 90% of revenue.

This model creates a perpetual giving opportunity and a strong win-win relationship between local veterans and FIREWatch advertisers.

#TeamFIREWatch Volunteering

Supporting veterans in the community is not all about giving money. #TeamFIREWatch was started to assemble a large contingent of volunteers that show up and assist local veteran non-profits at their fundraising events. This form of giving provides both needed physical support for local non-profits and service opportunities for the community and FIREWatch employees and advertisers.

FIREWatch Corporate Giving

In addition to giving associated with magazine advertisements, FIREWatch Magazine will also give a substantial portion of annual profits to veteran organizations in the FireWatch distribution community.

It is our belief that giving and service be should be as close to the local community as possible. Annual giving will take the form of donations, scholarships, education funds, and events all targeted at serving our active and retired military members.

Free Ad Space for Veteran Non-Profits

FIREWatch Magazine will provide FREE advertising space, feature story articles, and online and social promotions for local veteran service organizations and non-profits. By doing so, organizations that support veterans will be able to get their message to tens of thousands of veterans and their families each month.

Every Thursday at 8:15 AM, FIREWatch will feature a local veteran organization on Wreaths Across America Radio reaching a national audience with information about organizations and services relevant to veterans.

FIREWatch Veteran Village

FIREWatch Magazine is partnering with advertisers and local non-profits to bring Veteran Village to charity fundraising outdoor events. FireWatch advertisers are able to set up booths at designated events throughout the year to highlight their products and services and to show their support for veterans. Veteran Village is a free benefit to FireWatch advertisers and brings advertisers, attendees and volunteers together in support of veterans.