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The Jungle Animals of Vietnam

The jungle is alive with all the sounds of nature at work and play. Small red birds chirp in the trees above our heads, and in the branches of a giant cypress tree, I see little brown monkeys swinging from tree to tree. Forty feet up the river, I see two Sarus Cranes stabbing at the water, catching fish and frogs. Across the river are clumps of banana trees, dozens of magnificent birds, and unimaginable beauty.

As I stretch out under the shade of foliage, I hear branches slapping together across the river. The hair on the back of my neck stands up. I focus on the area and spot movement in a large chestnut tree just behind the banana plants. SNIPER! My heart leaps, and my pulse rate increases. I can hardly see him, but if he can see us, he can probably count the hairs in our noses with his scope. As I work to get a better view, I finally focus on the most giant monkey I have ever seen. He has a huge comical nose and wags his tail like a happy puppy. Thankfully, not a sniper.


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