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The Power of Trust

Trust is such a critical force in the function of any team, a family team, a sports team, a work team, or any team.

Fearless Success BookRecently, my team read a book by a retired Navy Aviator and Blue Angel, John Foley (call-sign “Gucci”), titled Fearless Success. I want to share a little about what Gucci says about trust.

“I believe that if you increase trust, execution will follow.”

“Trust gives us a clarity of mind that allows us to focus on our energy.”

“High trust contracts are the foundation for communication in high-performing teams.”

He goes on to say that the high level of trust in the Blue Angels is what allowed them to perform such amazing feats.

I have had the misfortune of performing on some low-trust teams, and the joy of performing on high-trust teams.

In full transparency, I have led both. Since everything rises and falls on leadership, I accept full ownership of both.

With the teams we lead, we should strive to create high-trust environments.

In Fearless Success, Foley presents “The Three C’s of Trust.”

  • Competence: Are you capable of doing the job you’ve been assigned?

2.) Commitment: Are you 100% committed and engaged?

3.) Consistency: Consistency creates a required predictability.


Foley elaborates with eye-opening insight into trust. I highly recommend you read the book.

Excellence never happens by accident. That is why my team has taken on this book as part of our Martial Arts Professional (MAP) program. Growth habits like this one are how our team excels.

To find out more about “Gucci’s” book, Fearless Success, and pick up your copy today, visit


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