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The Veteran Woman

Women’s History Month, which started as Women’s History Day, highlights those women who pioneered the way for future generations.

Although officially recognized in 1987, only 36 years ago, according to the website, women have been leading the way since the era of President George Washington.

Military women have overcome unfathomable challenges and sacrifices, from stereotypes, discrimination, other equal opportunity struggles, and, most recently, MST (Military Sexual Trauma).

However, through resilience and determination, women find a way to prevail.

There have been some recent notable events, such as the prestigious U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, a male-dominant crew with only a handful of female pilots, added Captain Remoshay Nelson, becoming the first African American female pilot to join the team.

There was the all-female pilot squadron that made history with the Super Bowl flyover last year.

In 2017, Fort Benning’s Infantry Training School—an historically all-male institution—graduated 18 female soldiers.

Military women are kicking down doors and not apologizing, showing younger generations of women that there is no glass ceiling for whatever it is they want to do when they grow up. Seeing the women of today doing so many magnificent things inside and outside the military should definitely be celebrated this Women’s History Month.

This month, thank a veteran woman for her service and contribution, or better yet, buy her a coffee, if possible.


Written By: KeishaMarie Douglas

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