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The World Needs More A&P Technicians

Aviation Connects Our World

Aviation connects our world- from lifesaving cargo to life-changing trips as passengers, it brings us closer together. As a result, on average, 100,000 planes take off every 24 hours, shipping 20 million parcels and 140,000 tons of cargo, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA).* None of this would be possible if not for the skilled work of aviation maintenance technicians (known in the industry as AMTs).

Maintenance Makes It Happen

Maintenance is a significant aspect of aviation but can go unseen and unrecognized by the uninitiated. However, takeoffs and landings would stop entirely without it!

Aviation maintenance is essential to ensure flight and passenger safety, maintain the peak performance of aircraft, and extend aircraft life. AMTs are the ones who perform inspections, maintenance, structural repairs, and alterations on various aviation components depending on their specialization area. Primary specialties include airframe, powerplant, and avionics. Regardless of the type of maintenance, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification is mandatory for aircraft mechanics, and these specialized technicians are in demand!

Hands-On Education

Attending a 14 CFR part 147 Aviation Maintenance Technician School is a fast yet thorough way to earn FAA certification. National Aviation Academy (NAA) is one of the select number of schools approved to provide aviation maintenance training.

Since 1932, NAA has been a premier aviation maintenance training school with a mission to offer the highest quality training, at the best cost, in the shortest amount of time. In as little as fourteen months, an individual can go from having no experience to being a fully-trained and certified airframe and powerplant (A&P) mechanic by completing NAA’s hands-on Aviation Maintenance Technology program at Clearwater, FL, and Concord, MA campuses.

Hands-on training is critical for hands-on work. At NAA, training is prepared with a specialized, industry-focused curriculum to help students succeed in the careers that await them after graduation.

Why Aviation Maintenance is An Excellent Fit for Veterans

As a Veteran, you likely want to apply the same dedication and passion with which you served to the next stage of your life. Earning your A&P certifications with NAA will allow you to use your military skills and experience a rewarding career in aviation maintenance.

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Build your confidence, skills and career opportunities as an aircraft mechanic-

All in as little as 14 months

There’s a reason NAA is among a select number of approved A&P training schools in the United States – quality training. We offer an educational experience, modern facilities, and amazing campus locations.

As a Military applicant, you may or may not have prior aviation experience. We are ready to meet you where you are to build on your skillset as you invest in yourself, your family, and your future. Our hands-on, career-focused programs open doors to the aviation industry. As an NAA graduate, you’ll have access to in-demand, skilled positions in aviation maintenance and career placement assistance.

Start Your Aviation Maintenance Career

Boeing’s Pilot and Technician Outlook has forecasted that 610,000 new aviation maintenance technicians will be needed globally by 2041.** It’s evident that more A&P mechanics are required as aviation continues to shape our world. High-quality training, such as that offered by NAA, is essential to support the career pathway pipelines that keep us flying safely.

For more information about National Aviation Academy and how to start your career as an A&P mechanic, visit!





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