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Think Better

By Rich Corson, Veteran Health & Wellness Contributor

Treating Root Causes vs. Medicating

If you are like me, you hate taking medications, especially those that make you feel like you are in a “fog” or have other negative impacts on your day-to-day life. Unfortunately, much of the medical community tends to treat your symptoms rather than dealing with the root cause. 

Can’t sleep? Here take this pill. Feeling anxious all the time? Here’s another pill. Back hurts? Another pill. Anger issues? Sure, why not, take another pill. 

Sound familiar? Like many of you, I was taking at least five different medications to deal with issues. In some cases, you have to take another pill to counter the effects of one or more of the other pills. 

What’s wrong with this picture?

STOP! There’s hope for dealing with issues many veterans face without taking more pills!

Studies are showing amazing results and benefits of “alternative therapies” such as Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments (HBOT), Skeletal Energetic Therapy (SET), Physical Therapy (PT), Cognitive Brain Training (CBT), and psychological counseling. 

I was fortunate to be introduced to retired U.S. Navy CDR Dr. Joseph Dituri, Ph.D., developer of Think, “Better” – A Brain Injury Recovery Program, combining all the above therapies for treatment of PTSD, TBI, and other brain-related issues.

I recently completed this program at the Undersea Oxygen Clinic here in Tampa, Florida, under the direction of Dr. Dituri.

Click the link for more specific details about the program.

The program includes hyperbaric oxygen treatments (HBOT) twice a day for an hour each, infra-red treatments, brain tap therapy, cognitive brain training, ice baths, and working with specialists to include a psychologist, life coach, physical therapist, and a skeletal energetic therapist (SET). This holistic approach addressed the root causes of my issues—versus giving me more pills—with amazing results. 

Subjective Results

I did pre- and post-program subjective evaluations utilizing multiple recognized questionnaires. See the impressive results below:

  • Generalized Anxiety level (GAD-7) which was not high to begin with but dropped to zero.
  • Head Injury Rating (HIQ) dropped by 59%
  • Depression (ZSDS) was minimal to start with but still reduced by 50%
  • Sleep Quality (PSQI) improved by 58%
  • PTSD (PCL) improved by 86%

Overall, I feel more energized and sleep better than prior to the program. My nightmares have subsided significantly, and in fact I have more positive dreams that tend to be slightly more vivid. My outlook on life is even better than it was before (which was never bad). My attitude is better, and I can more quickly control potential triggers. I still slip once in a while but I am improving each day. And each day I am reminded that this is a journey, not a quick fix. The great part about it is that I no longer take medication for this nor do I feel like I’m in a stupor from them. 

Objective Results

Prior to the program my blood pressure averaged 131/85, and I was taking five different medications to “treat” my sleep issues, anxiety dreams, hyper- alertness, pain, headaches, etc., all typical of PTSD and TBI. My blood pressure now averages 116/76.

Like most of us, I do not like taking medications that “help” by merely dulling the issue without treating the underlying problem. The graphic below on the left was when I started the program and was still on my medications. I call it, “my brain on drugs”!

Through this program I was able to come off all my medications* but one, for back pain, thus allowing my body to begin healing itself as it is intended to do. The graphic on the right is after concluding the program. I call it “my brain NOT on drugs”!

[graphic here]  [graphic here]

*Everyone should check with their doctor before coming off any prescribed medication.

(See footnotes for explanation of brainwaves)

Phase Coherence is the top row of images in each graphic above and in simple terms, shows my brain network is now operating in a significantly improved manner.

Phase Lag is the bottom row of images and in simple terms, shows my brain fog is greatly reduced at all levels of brain activity.


I am extremely pleased that I had the opportunity to participate in this program and wish to thank the Special Forces Charitable Trust for sponsoring me. Without their support I would not have been able to partake in this program.

I found Dr. Dituri, his entire staff, and all the specialists to be true professionals, a pleasure to work with each day, and miss our conversations now that the program is over. Not only did they help me to heal and improve myself, but I also made some new friends.

I feel this is an alternative therapy that the Veterans Administration and the medical community as a whole need to approve and authorize use of.

The Way Ahead

This is an excellent alternative to “standard” treatments of PTSD, TBI, and other issues. As such, I am advocating with Dr. Dituri, Senator Jay Collins, and Congressman Danny Alvarez to help push for VA recognition and acceptance of such alternative treatments. 

Additionally, Dr. Dituri and I are looking at the possibility of the Tampa Green Beret Association being a conduit for donations to allow other special operators/veterans suffering from PTSD, TBI, and other brain-related issues to be treated through this program which costs under $25,000 per patient. Watch for more information regarding this effort in future articles.


  • Delta: Slowest brain functions; unconscious bodily functions, sleep, dreaming
  • Theta: Intuition and creativity, camaraderie, communion, connection, drowsiness
  • Alpha: Conscious, reflective, restful
  • Beta: cognitive processes in waking state, task-oriented, focus, solve problems
  • HI Beta: multi-purposed interaction…With people not known to you and outward of your position, fight, or flight response.

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EDITOR’S NOTE:  LTC (R) Richard Corson (Ret.) is President of the Special Forces Association Chapter LX, and Vice President of the Tampa Green Beret Association.


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