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Unlocking the Trifecta of Freedom: Exploring Life, Health, and Work

Imagine a Monday morning, waking up without an alarm, hitting the gym, relaxing quiet time while drinking coffee and reading self-development books,  basically living a life of peace, relaxation and happiness. Brunch with friends, dinner dates downtown with very little traffic. Nature walks on the weekend, basking in the sun, and most importantly, last minute midweek beach getaways.

This is the soft life I’ve always dreamed of.

Although, some of these things are actually a part of my daily routine, and because of the burn out and monotony that I experienced working in the dental clinic for over a decade, I was motivated to take the entrepreneurial route.

The thought of micromanaging, reporting to someone, and asking for time off doesn’t excite me.  However, entrepreneurship is not for the weak either. There are many days I consider updating my résumé and uploading it to a job website, nevertheless the freedom to live my life on my own terms is priceless.

 There are no more mandatory “fun runs” or afternoon workouts right as I am in my best groove at work. There are no more commander’s calls, or the treacherous computer-based trainings that won’t let you skip all the slides to go straight to the quiz at the end.

I have grown to get to know myself and realize that I enjoy working out first thing in the morning. Fresh air is so cleansing and invigorating. Connecting and networking with people re-energizes me.

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