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By Rich Corson, Veteran Health & Wellness Contributor

There is a veteran out there trying wellness programs offered to veterans, and his name is Rich. Rich’s job is to find the good and expose the not-so-good. 

Evolutionary Percussive Instrument Corrections (EPIC), the newest innovation in chiropractic medicine, is my latest foray into technologies to help veterans and others as Health & Wellness Editor for Firewatch Magazine.

In preparation for my June participation in the “Think, ‘Better’ Brain Injury Recovery Program,” arranged by Patti Brady of Koterra (I will provide an article about this in future editions), she coordinated my treatment at the EPIC Clinic in Clearwater, FL. 

Dr. Stan Pierce developed the first 3-AXIS percussive soundwave adjusting instrument using a series of clinical protocols performed by expertly trained doctors to customize spinal care treatment to a unique and highly effective level of care.

Combining spinal engineering analysis, joint biomechanics, genetic structural profiling, and phonon-wave technology, EPIC uses a gentle percussion-sound wave instrument to provide painless and precise spinal adjustments, correcting the alignment of the top two bones in your spine, restoring nerve communication and promoting healing throughout the body, instantly and accurately.

The nervous system controls every function within your body. By detecting and correcting cervical spine misalignments, EPIC restores the proper function of the nervous system. Using unique sound wave technology, EPIC clinics provide painless and precise spinal corrections to your spine’s top two bones (C1-Atlas, and C2), restoring nerve communication and blood flow to and from the brain and promoting healing throughout the body.

Sidenote: If you’re like me, you’ve probably never heard of the C1 referred to as the “Atlas”.  Because the C1 vertebrate directly supports the cranium, it is analogous to the Greek Titan Atlas holding up the globe of the heavens, hence the name.

Head Screwed on Straight

Arriving at the EPIC Clinic, Patti introduced me to Dr. Stan Pierce, who explained the EPIC program and conducted my initial consultation and exam. He felt I was a candidate and sent me for X-rays to determine the details of my treatment. Stan met with me the next day after analyzing the X-rays and showed me that I had a combined total of over 28 degrees of misalignment in my Atlas (C1) and C2 vertebrae. He compared my C1 and C2, twisting my spinal column in opposite directions, like ringing out a towel. I had no idea! He could tell by the X-rays that this had been an issue for 40-plus years.

I moved to the treatment room, where he had me lay on a table that adjusted on three axes. As he coded in the parameters for my adjustment, I must admit, I pictured myself in an alien abduction scene where you are lying on the table, and a probe descends toward your body. Not to worry, though, the probe stops just above the designated spot on your Atlas. The doctor presses a button, you hear a metallic click, feel nothing, and you are done! What? 

My initial thought was this was not really doing anything. I did not feel any different, unlike when you go to a chiropractor and hear a crack, then immediately feel better. He explained this was a typical reaction and not to worry. He provided me with a neck brace to wear for three hours and sent me to get follow-up X-rays.

Interestingly, when we got the post-procedure X-rays back, there was a BIG difference in the alignment of both my Atlas (C1) and C2 vertebrae (see table below). Dr. Pierce explained that everyone’s “normal” alignment is different and not to expect all zero degrees! The right column below reflects my “normal” alignment. For over 40 years, I stood with my head titled to the right and my right shoulder lower than the left (which was evident in photos), but when I got home and looked in the mirror, my head was finally “screwed on straight.” I could not believe it. 

I met three other EPIC patients while at the clinic, and every one of them raved about the positive impact the treatment had on them. Pain decreased, headaches improved or were eliminated, and tingling in extremities disappeared, as examples.

At the time of this article, my Atlas has remained stable for a week. This meant they could move to the stage two adjustments of the spine as required. Utilizing a chiropractic activator, they made four minor adjustments on my spine, bringing me into proper overall alignment. While I did not notice a significant difference immediately, my back pain had decreased a bit by the time I got home.

Obviously, 40-plus years of misalignment and the related issues I have experienced that were exacerbated by it will not be gone overnight. However, I feel more erect and aligned in my posture, as well as decreased back pain. I hope to see improvements in my headaches and lower back pain. I also hope to experience more clarity and improved memory with improved blood flow to and from the brain. 

My wife has suffered from migraines, fibromyalgia, anxiety, and more, and we felt it was worth getting her Atlas checked out. It turned out her Atlas and C2 were in greater counterrotation than mine. She just had her treatment this week and will see the results in her follow-up next week. We are hoping for positive outcomes for her as well.

We both agreed on how well Dr. Pierce and his partner Dr. Peterson explained the entire process, why proper alignment of the Atlas and C2 is critical, and the negative impacts misalignment can have. They take their time and provide as much detail as you desire, ensuring you are completely comfortable before proceeding.

Watch for future updates on our progress in Fire Watch Magazine.

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